Update on Upcoming Littlest Atheist Series

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THE START of the 2011 Series go here for the terror of GOODIE THE GOSPEL PEANUT

You know, if I had it my way I would jump into drawing the new storyline for The Littlest Atheist now. Unfortunately, I have to fulfill several client projects. I have tentatively set the schedule for the new series to start in March and it will be called something like “The Dead Speak” as we find out what’s in the mystery box from Bertrand’s deceased father. Surprisingly enough, The Littlest Atheist may appeal to some moderate Christians going forward too. I plan to add some complexity to some of the surrounding characters including those who are not fundamentalists but have a more liberal approach to The Bible. I’m finding that, while I still disagree with religious moderates on many points of debate, they do not spout hellfire and are a step in the right direction.

In addition, I will be collecting The Littlest Atheist for Kindle as I am a Kindle reader myself. It should even be readable on cell phones. If you don’t already know, Freethunk Best-of Cartoons from the original print edition is on Kindle in two volumes. Because they’re one panel cartoons they look pretty good on a cellphone, not to mention a tablet or traditional Kindle reader. Find it by typing Freethunk into Amazon or your Kindle app.

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