You’ve Been Separated

Nobody likes to be separated or even labeled in most circumstances. When the time comes to separate us into sheep and goats, I’m not sure I’ll mind being a goat. Yes, they have plenty of flaws but sheep don’t think, they follow–thus the analogy, or at least a popular interpretation. Jesus is the shepherd so follow him, not your own reasoning abilities or your own will. You just have to faith he won’t lead you over a cliff. Goats may eat just about anything, but I like the fact that they’re stubborn and inquisitive. They’re not just going to follow anyone.

Of course in reality were talking about animals and both sheep and goats I’m sure are not the best representations of human beings. Fact is, Wiki describes the behavior of goats as, “Goats are extremely curious and intelligent. They are easily trained to pull carts and walk on leads.” So if goats can be easily trained because they’re intelligent then are they any better or worse than sheep?  “When handled as a group, goats tend to display less clumping behavior than sheep, and when grazing undisturbed, tend to spread across the field or range, rather than feed side-by-side as do sheep.”

I haven’t addressed this too much but the Bible can also be very confusing about salvation and faith through works. Faith alone may not save you. Per an article on Sheep and Goats at, “I want to say this to you gently, but also clearly: if you are relying on your faith in Jesus to save you on judgment day, but you are carrying on living the same kind of selfish life as the people around you who don’t believe in him, watch out. Watch out. The Bible doesn’t give you any reassurance at all that you will really be saved.”

Too bad there isn’t a scale of some sort in the Bible to measure if you’re in the sheep range or the goat range. You may have faith in the salvation of Christ, but still be screwed in the end times.

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